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Five Questions — Sunday Scaries

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Writing is something I’ve done almost daily for the last five years. But over the last month or so, I’ve taken somewhat of a hiatus. Most of my writing has gone toward episodes of The Sunday Scaries Podcast, and the rest of the time I normally allocate for it has gone, well, nowhere. Honestly, I’ve been spending my newfound free time doing things I had previously been ignoring for no other reason than time. Reading, going to the park with my dog, focusing a bit more on my health.

Changing direction in your career will do that — shift your time, change your priorities, and let you marinate a little bit.

This isn’t a ‘return’ of sorts, but more of an acceptance that I’m ready to pick up where I left off. Or at least do some more writing because, well, I enjoy it.

* * *

I like it when people use the Instagram stories “Questions” for good rather than evil. In the past, I’ve used it for feedback — to get insight on things I’ve done, things I could do differently, or just things I’m not doing at all. It’s still somewhat self-serving, yes, but it’s also just… helpful.

I refuse to be one of those people who talk into the camera and answers questions in ten seconds or less. When I recently fielded questions using the aforementioned feature, I did so as an effort to release a “Listener Questions” episode of the podcast.

But then I started reading them, thinking about them, and wanting to give answers immediately. It’s been a slow Sunday thus far, so carving out some time to write was more of a pleasure than a hinderance.

From you, the readers.

What are the best motivators to work while working from home?

Outside of necessity, I don’t truly have anything that intrinsically motivates me while working from home. I’m lucky in that I enjoy what I do and rarely feel “on the clock.” But there are still those sluggish times when you’d rather do nothing than something. In an effort to maximize my time during those lapses in productivity, I attempt to dumb down my surroundings.

I turn off the television (or, at least, mute it). I put on a jazz playlist so I don’t find myself getting distracted by lyrics or podcast narration. I make another cup of coffee or a large ice water. I turn my phone to “Do Not Disturb,” or just flip it over altogether. For me it’s not about motivation, but just setting myself up to feel (and be) productive.

If you could spend an afternoon with Jeff Goldblum, what would you do together?

Much like pretty much the rest of the internet, I love Jeff Goldblum. Of course, it’s partially for his acting but more so for his sauce and overall demeanor. Spending an afternoon with him? Yes, please.

Regardless of what we do, I want to ensure I savor the time as much a possible. Hypebeast featured a video where they went through Jeff’s closet. While I’m not sure I want to do exactly that, I do want to at least go shopping with him. High-end shopping. For cashmere sweaters and watches that only one of us (him) can afford. While I’d probably just mimic everything he’s throwing into the changing room, I’d also probably force him to pick some things out for me.

And when we’re done? We’d go back to his place and listen to some jazz together. Maybe even his new album.

What are your top three scented candle companies to get into?

I don’t really get into companies themselves, but just scents I like. That being said, I have more than three that I stick with whenever I’m recommending them or shopping for myself.

High-End: Cire Trudon

Well-Priced: Boy Smells

Summertime: Maison Louis Marie

Wintertime: Heath Ceramics

I have to admit, my taste in candles is high-end. Not because I can afford it, but because my previous job spoiled me with them. Oh well.

What’s some advice for getting going again after a nap?

Napping. Not only did I take a rare nap on Friday, but one on Saturday as well. Truthfully, I hate them. They make me feel lazy, I wake up groggy, and I often feel as though I’m wasting my time when I could just go to bed earlier.

But hey, sometimes they’re necessary.

On my end, it’s fairly simple — don’t get stuck sitting on your phone immediately after. Get up and do something productive (even if it’s just fixing your hair from being pressed on the pillow). Drink some coffee if you have to. Pretty much the only time I drink coffee now is first thing in the morning. Or, if I take a nap, immediately following that nap.

I know that’s not much of a help considering my distaste for napping, but that’s all I’ve got.

Are you taking any moves to be “trash-free” (aka produce less waste)?

Ah, the green initiative. Something I fully stand behind despite it also making me feel like a tiny speck in the midst of a massive problem.

I’m not overly-political, by any means. In fact, I try to avoid politics altogether. But one thing I think we can all agree on is that we’d like to keep the earth as clean as possible. Yes?

I’m lucky to live in an apartment complex that offers free (or at least cheap) trash and recycling pick-up. I try to recycle as much as humanly possible, but as I’m sure you know it’s somewhat difficult to stay on top of. Regardless, I definitely recycle things I used to simply throw away due to the ease of where I live.

Did I make my girlfriend stop buying bodywash with micro-beads in it because they pollute lakes and oceans? Yes. Do I forget to bring my reusable bags to the grocery store every. single. time. that I go to the grocery store? Also yes.

It’s a balance. A balance that I’m terrible with, but a balance nonetheless.

If you have a question of your own, you can either email it to me ( or send me a message on Instagram.

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