The Sunday Scaries Podcast is your cure for the Sunday blues—the anxiety that sets in on Sunday nights with the impending return to the office, school, or work. Hosted by Will deFries and presented by Washed Media.


The Sunday Scaries Podcast is hosted by Will deFries, a writer and creative who got his first case of Sunday Scaries sometime around the summer of 2013. After re-watching You've Got Mail enough times to sing the soundtrack by heart (in order, mind you), he decided it was time to turn his weekly panic attacks into a creative outlet. Today, he’s one-third of Circling Back and a founding partner of Washed Media.


This is one of the few podcasts that I can genuinely say has made my life more calm and stable.”

“The best part of every Sunday morning—hungover or not.”

“After listening, I feel more retrospective about how far I’ve come in my twenties and where things might take me.”

“Will’s writing translates from the page to the pod seamlessly. Real talent here.”

“This is the best podcast to start your Monday.”

“Short, interesting, and (best of all) relaxing. This podcast is what you need to hear on Sundays when panic is setting it. Well done.”

“Listening to Will makes me feel like I am catching up with an old friend who’s giving me advice on things that are relevant to my life.”

“Sunday Scaries is the first thing my girlfriend and I listen to on Sunday mornings before we shower and brunch.”



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