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Episode 001

The origin of The Sunday Scaries and a walk through The Panic Room. Listen on iTunes.

Episode 002

Why you should be trimming the wicks on your scented candles, how to day drink without dying, and avoiding Instagram on Sunday nights. Listen on iTunes.

Episode 003

Which Netflix shows to avoid on Sunday night, a cure for face puffiness, and the best hangover food that you're not currently eating. Listen on iTunes.

Episode 004

The most relaxing shows on Netflix, retail therapy as a hangover cure, and how to edit the perfect Instagram. Listen on iTunes.

Episode 005

How a side hustle can change your life, nighttime skin routines, and why you get horny when you're hungover. Listen on iTunes.

Episode 006

Why meal prepping kind of sucks, scented candle recommendations under $50, and the newest fad in brunch. Listen on iTunes.

Episode 007

Why you can't sleep when you're hungover, the best sleep aids, and how to take the perfect nap. Listen on iTunes.

Episode 008

The best music for a relaxing Sunday, happy hour, and the hidden benefits of fad diets. Listen on iTunes.

Episode 009

Why millennials should stop feeling guilty about taking vacations, taking the early flight home after a big weekend, and the importance of Sunday routines. Listen on iTunes.

Episode 010

The keys to long distance relationships, charcoal drinks, and the absolute worst things to lose when you're drunk. Listen on iTunes.

Episode 011

The only way you should be dressing on Sundays, how to hide a hangover at work, and the sentimentality of your hometown. Listen on iTunes.

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