Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly got straight up hosed by Vulture.


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Vulture didn't put You've Got Mail in their top 25 Romantic Comedies. I know. When I heard that, I spit my coffee out too. When I'm hungover and/or scared, YGM is the

Commenter "jtdirte13" took the words completely out of my mouth: “I actually assumed You Got Mail would just be #1 when I got to the top five and it hadn’t been listed yet.” Legitimately got to #2 on the slideshow (and I fucking HATE slideshows, so clicking 24 times to get to the end is my Everest), sat back, cracked my knuckles, smirked, and thought, "Yup, You've. Got. Mail. takin' down the top honors." Nope. Bilge Ebiri and David Edelstein had to have gotten catfished at some point in their lives, because they obviously have a beef against electric movies that showcase digital intimacy. Bilge and David are the shittiest tandem I have ever seen, especially when compared to Joe Fox ("F-O-X") and Kathleen Kelly.

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