I hate Starbucks with everything in my heart, but the Sweetheart 2014 album takes no prisoners.


It pains me to promote an album put out by Starbucks, because I've legitimately never been inside of one through my 27 years of life. Seriously. And kiosks don't count because they don't have walls and are unavoidable in airports/college libraries.

But fuck, this album is relentless against the Sunday Blues. Any album that combines the headiness of Jim James with the Contemporary Classic "Turn Your Lights Down Low" can play for my team on Sundays any time. And Vampire Weekend's version of "Con te Partiro" almost touches Will Ferrell's version in Step Brothers but not quite.

Alright, alright. Why have I never been inside of a Starbucks? In 2004 when I was 17, I was in Europe and everyone was going into Starbucks to take a leak while walking around Paris. When I said that I had never been inside of a Starbucks before, my friend immediately explained to me that if I had already made it 17 years, I had to make this a political statement for the rest of my life. It's now a decade later (fuck, I'm old) and I've managed to stay out of those corporate hell-holes if it's the last thing I do. As much as I want to be Joe Fox from You've Got Mail, I'm always going to have the mindset of Kathleen Kelly when it comes to fighting The Man. But not really because I've voted Republican in every election I've ever been in.

Anyway, take a listen.

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