The Sunday Scaries "Ride The Wave" Pocket Tee

By now, we all know what the Sunday Scaries are: the anxiety that sets in on Sunday nights with the impending return to the office, school, or work. Normally, you can be identified as Scared based on the shocked wide-eyed-Emoji look on your face, the stench of spilled vodka sodas on your pants, or your inability to form words when ordering at brunch.

Until now. Presenting, The Sunday Scaries "Ride The Wave" Pocket Tee.

"But Scaries, what will the proceeds be put towards?" So glad you asked. The quality of the shirt far outweighs the price of the shirts. This is thick, soft, Sunday cotton that will endure it all. My margins? I'll be honest, they're not great. Mark Cuban and Mr. Wonderful would be pissed. But I care. We've said it before and we'll say it again: "If we're Scared together, we're less Scared individually." These shirts band us together.

Now, this is a Tilt campaign that runs through Sunday, March 22nd. Don't know how Tilt works? Go here.

What does "Ride The Wave" Mean?

First of all, do you just not follow me on Twitter or something? Second of all, "Riding The Wave" is all encompassing.

Are you constantly listening to Contemporary Reggae while drinking Dark & Stormies? You're Riding The Wave.

Did you go out Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and now you're gearing up for Saturday? You're Riding The Wave.

Did you recently hook up with a girl, then go out two days later to hook up with another girl, then go out that weekend and hook up with another girl? You're Riding The Wave.

Are your buddies trying to tear you away from the craps table mid-bachelor party but you can't stand to leave because you're on an absolute heater? You're Riding The Wave.

Perfect For

For Him: Post-Pontoon Boat Cocktails, Après-ski Pitchers, Sundays in The Panic Room, Golf Course Parking Lot Shirt Changes, Beach Beers, Squats, Spring Break Chillin' The Most, Football Saturdays and Sundays, Casual Bars, Kid Rock Concerts, Pool Days, Complimenting Patagonia Baggies and/or Sunday Chinos, Listening to Contemporary Reggae.

For Her: Brunch, Stealing From Your Boyfriend for Post-Pontoon Boat Cocktails, Bachelorette Weekends, Sundays in The Panic Room, Pool Days, Listening to Contemporary Reggae, Post-Wedding Travel Days, Pre-Hot Tub Cover-Ups, Spring Break Chillin' The Most., "Sweatpants, Hair Tied, Chilling With No Make-Up On."

Size Chart

Small: The perfect fit to throw a girl's way when she's leaving your place Saturday morning.

Medium: The perfect tailored Friday fit.

LargeThe perfect loose Sunday fit when I'm feeling fat, puffy, and hungover.

Extra Large: Also known as The John Daly Fit reserved for ballers only.

Please note: sizes are based on Sunday Scaries Founder's skinny fat body. He is 6'0" tall but looks 5'11"; his weight fluctuates between 170-175 pounds.