New York City hates Gamechangers and bottomless bromosas.

This photo comes up when you Google, "bromosas with wayyy too much OJ".

This photo comes up when you Google, "bromosas with wayyy too much OJ".

via New York Magazine.

In rounding up its best and worst bottomless-booze brunch deals, Gothamist appears to have kicked a hornet's nest (though as Eater notes, it's hardly the only one to do so — just the latest). The NYC Hospitality Alliance issued a stern press release on Monday reminding us all that the practice is actually illegal under the State Liquor Authority. "The ABC Law prohibits from selling, serving, delivering or offering to patrons an unlimited number of drinks during any set period of time for a fixed price." Trend watch for 2014: nickel mimosas.

Yo, uh, someone wanna tell the NYC Hospitality Alliance to remove the stick out of their ass while simultaneously taking a huge step off their soap box? It ain't no surprise that I like to get bougie as hell when I'm hungover, so I'm going to drink bottomless mimosas until I'm blue in the face. This reeks of New York City's ban on XL sodas which is essentially just a ban on Gamechangers. Luckily I'm based and don't live in New York City so I don't have to worry about these things.

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