My new favorite Tumblr is "NYC Crying Guide."

Hopefully these places allow me to bring my iPad so I can watch Simon Birch too.

Hopefully these places allow me to bring my iPad so I can watch Simon Birch too.

via NYC Crying Guide.

Haven't we all been wondering when someone was going to release the definitive list on the best and worst places to cry in New York City? Well hold onto your dicks because that day has arrived. I don't care if this girl is being facetious. I want, no, I need to cry with her on Sundays inside a Build-A-Bear workshop when I'm hungover.

Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin Robbins? "Everyone who comes in here is so overwhelmed by all the options offered to EVER notice you’re crying at a table all alone!!!"

The 7 Train? "It’s a criers dream!!!!!! I cry on this subway at least once a day.  A true NYC Staple!"

Build-A-Bear Workshop? "I built the perfect nurse-firefighter bear AND all the employees completely ignored the fact that I was crying during the whole building process."

The Standing Side of the Escalator in Grand Central Station? "With people only in front and behind you, you can feel free to cry without anyone looking or wondering what you’re up to! Great for a 1-2 minute quick cry."

Bank of America? "A very average, basic, no-frills, in and out place to cry."

Duane Reade? "Although this location is in the heart of midtown which is usually a criers arch-nemesis, this particular Duane Reade offers a relatively empty second floor!"

AT&T? "It was a terrible experience and I walked out just as teary as I walked in. Let’s just say, AT&T, I will NOT be returning to your store to cry."

Sometimes I wish I wasn't too based to live in New York City.

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