Independence Day MVP: The Results

Miss the reason that all these bros were MVP-worthy candidates? Read their stories.

Now that there are a grand total of zero July weekends left, we at Sunday Scaries decided to add up the final results of who won the 4th of July MVP Award.

The 4th of July MVP contest received more votes and submissions than any other contest or vote has received in the history of Sunday Scaries. This is probably because people love the 4th of July just as much as they love seeing hot bros do hot bro things.

Ansun and Sriram redefining cool.

Ansun and Sriram redefining cool.

Much like the 2014 Scripps National Spelling Bee, this competition ended in a tie. The only difference is that we were being awesome, and Ansun and Sriram were being complete and utter twerps.

As the old adage goes, "a tie is like kissing your sister." Well I'm not sure about you guys, but I sure as shit don't like kissing my fuckin' sister so something needs to be done about this.

Could we hold another vote? Yeah, we could, but we just let the vote go for 3+ weeks and this shit still ended in a fucking deadlock.

Here's how it's going to go down:

The Official 4th of July MVP Tiebreaker

Sponsored by Sunday Scaries

The Place: Chicago, Illinois

The Time: To Be Announced (Fall 2014)

The Competitors: The Hot Bro Who Made Out With The 40 Year Old vs. The Hot Bro Who Got Kicked Out Of The Bar By His Dad

The Competition: Both competitors are forced to spend the entire weekend together engaging in MVP-esque activities, with the winner being decided on Sunday morning.

"Yeah, but who is going to judge this?" Easy question. The Hot Bro Who Made Out With The Babe In Front Of Her Dad.

"How can we keep track of this competition?" Follow me on Twitter.

Because no plans have been solidified, updates regarding the competition will be posted via Twitter and will be finalized probably sometime around Labor Day Weekend. Getcha popcorn ready, 'cause you 'bout ta see a SHOW.