Don't you just love New York in the fall?

Does anyone know where this ride is? Can't find it on Google.

Does anyone know where this ride is? Can't find it on Google.

By Sunday Scaries

I've never been to New York City and I've been avoiding it for like 9 years. When one of my best friends got into NYU in 2005, I kind of just accepted that I'd only see him over summer breaks and long holiday weekends until he moved out of the city. I'm just not a Big City Guy. It's not the cloth I'm cut from. I listen to too much Kid Rock and my thoughts already constantly yelling at me, so the idea of cabs and sewers just kind of stirs me.

But, sometimes Hot Bros have to do Hot Bro things, and crushing The City That Never Sleeps is definitely a Hot Bro thing. I mean, word on the street is that bars are open past midnight here  can someone confirm or deny this?

Anyway, here's a list of things I already have on the docket:

Prior to the trip, tell people I'm planning on having a "nice weekend in the city with friends", when in reality I'm going to go on a bender that's going to make me reassess my life well through Thanksgiving.

Get to the bottom of this Ebola hoopla.

Not go into a Starbucks because I've still never been inside one even though I'm in my late 20s.

Get sneaky hammered on Miller Lites during the 4:25 Sunday Lions-Cardinals game which may be the first domino in me missing my Monday morning flight.

Figure out the meaning behind Jewish/bagel jokes because they're currently completely over my head.

Visit every location in You've Got Mail while simultaneously listening to the soundtrack, specifically "Dreams" by The Cranberries and the "You've Got Mail Suite."

Use LTE for the first time.

Drink a Gamechanger even though 32 oz. pops are banned because everyone is a model there.

Chill with Shia Labeouf and Taylor Swift.

Exclusively refer to it as "The Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of" until everyone asks me to stop.

Visit the set of TRL or The Today Show, haven't decided yet.

Outside of that, I'm pretty fuckin' open. I also love itineraries, so I need some filler-activities in order to actually get one solidified. Currently my only real exposure to New York is through YGMThe Other Guys, and Twelve starring 50 Cent and Chace Crawford. So, that being said.


Give me your input.