Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Couldn't Lose


Friday Night Lights is in my top three television programs of all time, next to Mad Men and House of Cards, with True Detective begging to break in somewhere.

Coach Taylor's character is unprecedented. Landry (Lance) murdered someone and no one talks about it anymore. Lyla was a hard 10.  Buddy was, well, awesome. Riggins was, well, a hard 10 as well. Jason Street obviously was never taught how to tackle (and his Mexican suicide attempt was pathetic). Tyra's college essay still makes me misty-eyed. Tammy? Fuckin' poster-wife with great hair. JD McCoy was just a complete pussy. And Saracen's Member's Only jacket was a baller way to go on a first date with Julie.

For a Non-Scary Read, please please please take a look at Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Couldn't Lose: An Oral History of Friday Night Lights, and take special note of the greatest sentences ever spoken that were, "I remember Taylor [Kitsch]‘s audition in particular. He auditioned on tape from Canada. He had two tall boys of beer, and he was already referring to himself as Rigg."

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