The Gamechanger: An homage to a miracle.

The acting community was beside themselves when Sutter's Gamechanger wasn't nominated for best supporting actor for its performance in The Spectacular Now.

The acting community was beside themselves when Sutter's Gamechanger wasn't nominated for best supporting actor for its performance in The Spectacular Now.

The Spectacular Now is a 2013 film where a hard-partying high school senior's philosophy on life changes when he meets the not-so-typical "nice girl", with passionate performances driven by Miles Teller (as Sutter) and Shailene Woodley (as Aimee). Though their acting was wise beyond their years, it overshadowed a star - a true revelation - in this film.

The Gamechanger.

In order to full appreciate the work of a Gamechanger, you first must truly create a relationship with what the Gamechanger is. What it stands for. What its motives are. Why God gave us this succulent treasure.

The legend of the Gamechanger all began in September 2010 when myself and four friends decided to take sabbatical to really get to the root of our partying. Through our trip around Lake Michigan, we would begin in the Upper Peninsula before making the first stop in Madison, Wisconsin. From Madison, we took our Tabroe (which we had named "Club Stew", after our pilot) to South Bend, Indiana for the Notre Dame vs. Michigan game on September 11th. The trip would then culminate in Ann Arbor, where we could truly put our trip's gatherings to use.

En route to Madison, which solidified itself as the greatest college town ever, we made a McDonald's pit-stop to get some sustenance for the remainder of our drive. While we got our 32 oz. Coca-Colas, we all started clicking. You could call it teamwork, but it wasn't just teamwork. It was five men doing their part for the greater good of humanity. Before we knew it, our Coke cups were only 16 oz. full of ice and coke, and we were all heading to the Tabroe.

Feel free to Pin this shit to you hipster cocktail boards.

Then, while still silent, we headed to the nearest convenience store and bought a fifth of Canada House, which we proceeded to combine with the sweet, sweet Coca-Cola that McDonald's had just gifted us. And then something was born. A 32 oz., knock-your-socks-off-stiff cocktail was born.

"Holy shit, this is a GAMECHANGER."

There's caffeine. There's sugar. There's ice (fuckin' hydration, bro). There's whiskey. There's everything you need to get a "Alright alright alright, I'm here for the party" face on.

Arriving in Madison, the troops morale was skyrocketing. Everyone was MVP'ing in their own world, being the Main Event of any situation they stepped into. Because that's what Gamechangers are -- miracle fuel for bros who need to get shit done.

There were two things you could bet the house on throughout the remainder of that trip.

  1. Michigan was going to beat Notre Dame.
  2. If you did a cup check, at least one of us was going to have a Gamechanger in-hand.

Which all brings us back to The Spectacular Now, where Sutter rocks out a subtle Gamechanger through the entire film. At work? Whiskey in a gigantic Styrofoam cup. Chillin' outside with his bro? Whiskey in a gigantic Styrofoam cup. Tryna get in in with Aimee Finicky? Say it with me now - "Whiskey in a gigantic Styrofoam cup."

Sutter was getting lectured by his boss about having no motivation in life and being a functioning alcoholic. And what did Sutter do? He faced a Gamechanger in that dude's grillspot. Relentless, Sutter, relentless. That clothing store doesn't want you? Fine. You're on our team now. The team where Gamechangers are encouraged and not frowned upon.

The fact of the matter is, this movie could have never been made had their not been Gamechangers involved. The drunken stupor that lead Aimee to Sutter? Nappenin' if Sutter isn't waking up with that gnarly hangy. That first party Sutter brought her to? He's not going to be truly awesome if he ain't sappin' 32 oz. of cocktail all at once. When Sutter quit his job with a solid buzz-piece on only to show up at Aimee's college and flash those pearly whites? Blame it on da Gamechanga.

The beautiful events of this coming-of-age tale are due to the Oscar-worthy performance of the one, the only, the Gamechanger. But, being the political clusterfuck that Hollywood is, Gamechanger hasn't seen one (not ONE!) supporting actor award nomination thus far. And it's our job to change that. We owe it to Gamechangers everywhere just as much as we owe it to ourselves.

Sorry, Jared Leto. Picked the wrong year to dress up like a chick.


Editor's note: Coach Taylor's role in The Spectacular now was intentionally omitted from this piece, as we refuse to believe that he could ever actually be an alcoholic. He's way too headstrong for substance abuse.

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