A glimpse at Glimpse.

What up, Ashley, age 27? Let me holler at you.

What up, Ashley, age 27? Let me holler at you.

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It's no surprise that Sunday Scaries is on the online-dating-app bandwagon. The entertainment value has too much upside and the downside of being seen by a friend on Tinder and Hinge is waning (after all, they're on there too, so). And when you're Scared at 4:13pm on a Sunday, who doesn't want a little reassurance that someone in the world thinks you're attractive enough to swipe right for?

Thus far, the only issue I've taken with these apps is that they connect with my Facebook profile. I don't update my Facebook often, which means I don't update my profile on these apps often. I also don't trust the Facebook privacy settings and have a legitimate fear that one day Julian Assange is going to release all of my Tinder chats to the world for my 65 year-old aunts to peruse and gossip about.

And that's where Glimpse done changed the game by integrating with Instagram. After all, isn't Instagram the popular kid in the social media platform high school? Aren't we all probably more proud of our Instagram accounts than any other account? It gives you a chance to be artsy without being a douchebag while also being completely welcoming to party photos and shameless selfies.

I mean, right now, my Instagram game is on point. I have a couple friends who are bitter towards me because they think I'm getting too many likes lately, to which I throw a Drake lyric in their face and say, "I can't hear the critics talking over all the applause." So when I got my Glimpse invite code (76cd1ab - which, by the way, is social so anyone can use it), I was all like, "Oh boy, better put my waders on because I'm about to be KNEE DEEP in babes." And thus my Glimpse journey began.

At first glance, I was a liiiiiiittle bummed that Glimpse forces you to only choose nine photos to show to prospective slam pieces. I mean, I want these broads to scroll my entire feed and say, “Who is this renaissance man who weaves together portraits of grass, selfies, and whiskey sunsets?” Not to be overly-confident in my awesomeness, but I’m selling the world short by only giving them nine photos to impress them. My body of work is simply larger than that. I’m a peacock, Glimpse, you gotta let me fly.

Furthermore, I’d really like to be able to put in a bio of myself. A couple weeks ago I decided to change my Tinder bio to “artist” because I felt it was my best chance to balance out my bro-brah profile photos with a more sensitive side for all my arm-candy-in-waiting. And let me tell ya - I’m seeing an influx in 8s liking me and it’s growing at a rapid clip. If I could integrate this method into Glimpse, I’d be Richard Branson’ing in no time.

What I do love about Glimpse is the user experience whilst babe watching. Glimpse isn’t wonky like Tinder and Hinge. It’s smooth. It’s intuitive. And most importantly, it’s not as impulsive as the other apps. You can go back-and-forth rather than see one at a time and make a knee jerk reaction, which completely eliminates the feeling of “Oh my god, I just accidentally next’d the hottest chick I’ve ever seen on here and I have zero shot of getting her back.” You can slow play this shit, and I like that.

If you're looking for me over the next week, I'll be the guy incessantly changing his 9 Glimpse photos looking for the perfect balance of "you can't tie me down" and "this guy should be the next Bachelor." If you want to join me, download Glimpse here and use the code 76cd1ab. Don't say I never helped you with anything.

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