Part I: All the '90s sitcom themes you forgot about but still know by heart.

City Guys. So diverse. So real.

City Guys. So diverse. So real.

Saved by the Bell. Full House. Salute Your Shorts. Boy Meets WorldClarissa Explains It AllPete & Pete. All That. Are You Afraid of the Dark? The Secret World of Alex Mack.

90s teen-driven sitcoms were the shitAnd if you're in your mid-to-late 20s like me, you have fond memories of crushing these shows day-in and day-out while eating mass Gushers, Oreos, and Fruit Roll-Ups. If you didn't have a gigantic crush on Alex Mack and/or Kelly Kapowski, then you weren't rolling in my clique which also required you to wear Umbro shorts, Sambas, and Big Dog t-shirts while also discussing which Creepy Crawlers were the best.

While all of us could probably put together a PowerPoint presentation on any one of these shows, we forget the other TNBC/Snick classics that also shaped our childhood. You know - your Hang Times, your City Guys, your Hey Dudes. So sit back, take off your Oakley Frogskins, turn down your Presidents of the United States of America "Peaches" cassette, and let's get balls deep in the nostalgic musical makings of some 90s pre-teen sitcoms.

Hang Time (1995-2000) - Sometimes when I'm getting my swerve on, I say, "I'M HOT, I'M IN THE ZONE", which no one remembers is actually from the Hang Time intro.

And don't mind Julie Connor aka Daniella Deutscher still being an certified biscuit. Had I known she was just going to marry Jay Herndandez (also on Hang Time), I would have taken a stab at her knowing I had a shot this entire time. No offense, Jay, but you're playing above the rim on this one.

Roundhouse (1992-1996) - Was Sunday Funday created by Roundhouse? I mean, this shit aired on Sunday, resembles a pre-teen version of MTV's The Grind, and the set looks like a Vegas club. Just look at the lyrics of their theme song:

Now when life gets me so down,
I know I can go down,
To where the music and the fun never end.
As long as the music is playin’,
You know what I’m sayin’,
I know that I can find a friend,
Come into the Roundhouse!
— Roundhouse Theme Song

I don't know about you guys but I know that when I'm feelin' down, I wanna go where the music and fun never end. And if that means getting mid-afternoon sloppy drunk off some bottomless bromosas and create-your-own-bloodies at the Roundhouse, then so be it.

USA High (1997-1999) - One of the most underrated 90s sitcoms in the game, IMHO. While its ratings were probably hindered by the fact that it aired on the USA Network, USA High was fuckin' awesome. Just a bunch of Americans running train at a boarding school in Paris. Isn't that the dream when you're watching this as a 12 year old? French kissing a bunch of foreign smokes while at a Mighty Ducks 3-esque boarding school? Game over, I'm sold.

Plus, when you're not dominating foreign chicks, you can just go on Pussy Patrol with Christian (complete bro/sick flow) and Lazzarini (total poon-hound).

California Dreams (1992-1996) - Was there any realer show than California Dreams? They tackled everything. Wikipedia sums it up perfectly: "California Dreams is about a multi-ethnic group of teens and their band. The show's plots combined real-life issues with zany adventures. It covered a range of topics such as fear, using drugs for a competitive edge, racism, falling for scams, letting greed overtake friendship, accepting a divorced parent dating, forgiving others for past wrongs, and dealing with general teen social problems." If these guys didn't lay the foundation for S-Club 7, then I don't know who did. Real. So real.

And if you want to listen to every California Dreams song, look no further than here.

City Guys (1997-2001) - Too much star power in City Guys. Wesley Jonathan was dope as hell in Sister, Sister and Boy Meets World, and Scott Whyte was Gunnar fucking Stahl. Need I say more?

I was raised in a white bread city so I'm going to go out on a limb and say that City Guys introduced me to urban black culture for the first time. My first exposure to black people was Lisa Turtle and the cast of Gullah Gullah Island, which don't exactly scream "urban" to me. AndCity Guys is in syndication on BET so that's all you need to know about their street cred.

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