Apply Now: The 2015 Wedding Date Application


By Sunday Scaries

It's about to be everyone's favorite time of year: WEDDING SEASON. And while The Wedding Diet is in full swing, not all 2015 logistics are accounted for. I need to schedule my hair appointments, buff my kicks, spray tan my ankles, buy some new party shades, and get limber for the dancefloor. But most importantly, I need to lock down a date.

Yeah yeah yeah, I know I weighed the pros and cons pretty heavily and came to the conclusion that I'd ride solo, but I'm quickly realizing that this Simba needs his Nala.

2014 was a booming success (here, here, and here) and I forecast and even better 2015 (sorry, Amelia). 

The 2015 Wedding Date Application

Are you above an 8?
Please include an itemized list.
If yes, what is it/ how easy is it to take off?
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