It's Sunday Afternoon and Here Come the Blahs.

via The New York Times.

This isn’t a new revelation derived from “Sunday Funday”. From as early as 1991, the Sunday Scaries have been plaguing nine-to-fivers. Desperately tired, thoughts screaming, bender bruises, cold sweats.

The New York Times describes it as “the flipside of TGIF.” The Seattle Times prefers “the creeps.” Us? We go with simply, “The Scaries.” No matter how you describe your bender anxiety, it won’t go away. You just have to remember that you’re not alone in this assault against your brain. I’m here to help.

Full disclosure, this is actually my second attempt at this Scaries community center. During early spring 2013, I created a very similar site with lights out content, quality articles, and a plethora of non-Scary posts. I got such bad anxiety over people seeing it and thinking, “Holy shit, this kid has issues,” that I actually deleted the site entirely. I admit, deleting the site was selfish. I wasn’t thinking consciously about the other people out there who are scared out of their minds and need some Scaries salvation.

Well, I’m back, baby. Let’s beat these Scaries down hard.

Will deFriesHangoversComment