Signs You Graduated High School in 2005


via Thought Catalog.

11. The impressive tolerance for alcohol you once possessed in your early college years is rapidly declining before your eyes. You are no longer capable of waking up hung-over, drinking a few sips of water and making a miraculous recovery. You used to have healing powers like Wolverine, but now it’s a 24-48 hour process that includes headaches, nausea, gallons of water and Gatorade, pills and an agony that makes you lie there and take several moments to regret each individual alcoholic beverage you drank the night before.

PREACH, CHRISTOPHER, PREACH! Not sure who this guy is but he deserves a raise. Or he at least deserves to make more money than Chelsea Fagan makes, who wrote my least favorite column of all time on how to be a gentleman in 2014.

But real talk, my homie Chris just described my stereotypical hangover these days. Last weekend, I went to a big Greek wedding and only drank on Saturday night. Come Tuesday afternoon, my body still didn’t feel right and that was from one night of drinking. When I was 19, I would do shots of Korski at 2am in my dorm room and then go to my graphic design job the next morning at 8. It was no sweat. Now? I walk into work on Wednesdays like I’m George fuckin’ Jefferson because I finally feel normal from the weekend.

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