"IV Doctor" makes house calls for hungover New Yorkers.


via Washington Times.

Forget that aspirin bottle and never mind the Bloody Mary. A new medical treatment for the drunk and hungover is taking New York by storm, and it’€™s called an IV drip, to be administered by a doctor who makes emergency house calls.

Dear All New Yorkers,

  1. Stop complaining about the weather. No one cares except other people that live in New York, so please just do your bitching at your local bodegas and STFU elsewhere.
  2. Love everything about this article. Love that it’s bougie. Love the mid-40s businessman / banker demographic. And I love that there would be one day a year where I #treatmyself and rock out a $250 hangover cure. But the real question lingers - can homie hook us up with a Xanax for these Scaries?


Sunday Scaries

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