How to work through feeling weird after Burning Man.


via Burning Man Blog.

Uh, here’s an idea - don’t go to Burning Man in the first place? Fairly sure that if you go to Burning Man, you’re already pretty much one with your inner-weird. Also pretty sure that the only difference for most people at Burning Man is that instead of doing MDMA and having orgies in the Haight, you’re just doing it in a creepy desert where there aren’t any cars.

But whatever, let your freak flag fly, burners. Just looking at this made me feel like my life is a thousand times more together than it actually is.

My favorite comments on the blog post:

We also lost a flute in the deep playa beyond the mayan temple… If anyone found a bamboo flute or knows where it is, please tell us.

woah, I’m back from my first burn, and I have totally been having weird dreams. Every night since I’ve been back I’ve sat up in bed wondering where I am

I got a tattoo and wrote a poem about the playa. My first BM was the most difficult to decompress fun. Now you can start planning for the next one. Peace

I have this hypothesis about one possible contributing factor. You are literally coming down off of a week long drug high. That drug is adrenaline.

My first decompression. I decided to not go back to work until next monday, just to let things merinate. Im loving that decision! Oh and I randomly gifted a homeless man a pack of smokes followed by a burner style hug this morning. He was coo his name was Danny too……….bring n the good shit back wit meh.

Then this dude, Blaze, just gets next-level-weird on us.

I’m an 8 time burner and agree with the other veterans who said it DOES get easier. Hang in there.

I look at burning man as fuel- when I get home to the default world, I have more fuel for my life than I had before. I use that fuel as inspiration to make changes in my normal life than align me more closely with what I value about the playa.

Example: A few days ago I decided to -legally- change my middle name to my playa name. That’s a tangible change that reflects the ongoing melding of my playa identity with my default identity.

Another piece of advice: channel that extra energy into intense physical exertion- preferably with loud music on your ear buds. Running up hills, tons of pullups, pushing myself on my bike- they all give me a -positive- outlet for that extra fuel.

If your life isn’t satisfying in some acute way- use this new clarity and fuel to make decisive changes. Do this before the magic playa dust wears off…

This is Blaze’s default world and we’re all just living in it.

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