Hangovers Hit Hardest at 29


via Metro UK.

Clinging on to the party animal persona of your teens is a sure-fire way to cause yourself pain, as research reveals hangovers hit hardest at the age of 29.

…and boom goes the dynamite. It all makes sense now. It’s all so real. Too real.

The second you turn 22, you feel like you might as well be 30. You’re just not 21 anymore and that’s that. Now I have to deal with the fact that the closer I get to the age that I fucking hate, the worse my hangovers are going to get. I mean, whatever, fuck it. Between work and being hungover, the mid-20s are just a blur anyway.

That being said, the greatest part of the article isn’t even alluded to in the title - "The search for the best hangover cure continues, with one in three of us thinking sex is the answer." Uh, sign me up. So does this count as sex the night you’re boozing, or do you have to sober-bone the next day? If it’s the night before, I couldn’t be more for this becoming a standard issue hangover cure. Make this information public as hell. But, if its the day after and I have to be sober, I think I’ll sit this one out. I haven’t had sober sex, well, ever. So I’m not sure that between my hangover and Scaries I’ll be able to get the job done soberly. Just too much on my plate already to just toss fucking with a BAC of 0.0 on there.

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